Long-term care insurance is an insurance product sold in countries like United States, United Kingdom and Canada. It helps one providing for the cost of long-term care beyond a period which is predetermined. Long-term care insurance covers home care, health care, assistance for living, respite care, adult day care, hospice care, nursing home and many other facilities.

The ones who require long-term may not be necessarily sick in the traditional sense. They may not be able to perform basic activities of day to day life like bathing, eating, and toileting, dressing and walking. Age is never a factor to be determined while needing long-term care. According to a fact, at least some types of long term services are required by about 60% individuals who are above 65 during their lifetime. About 40% of the individuals who require long-term care are between 18 and 64.

Americans are living longer in today’s world. So as the older people have to live long, they require a long term care. Statistics have shown that one out of every two of up to 40% Americans who are above 65 years of age enters a nursing home within their lifetime. A report estimates that by 2020, more than 12 million American will acquire long-term care.

Home health care insurance is also very important, according to radio host Clark Howard. Many people need health care insurance because this not only provides the individual with proper care but also includes some medical aspects such as therapists, home health care assistants, nurses and other certified and licensed medical caregivers.

The ones who take the home health care services are assisted with helps like running errands, house cleaning, cooking and what needs the individuals ask for. Companions are also a part of the caregiving team. They provide companionship to the people who find difficulties in living by themselves by simply having someone to talk to.

To be assured that one is being provided with best quality home health care, he/she should consult or speak with others who have had the same experience he/she is going through. Make sure that the one who is a caregiver is an experienced one in caregiving.

If a person is hiring a home health care provider by his/her own or through any agency, he/she should conduct an interview. The person should look after the needs of the patient. The person should make sure that the caregiver is capable of providing the patient with what he/she wants. The person should advise the caregiver on the physical and mental problems that the patient can have, medications, and how the caregiver should deal with them.

There are many existing policies for the home care that depends on the extent of coverage of policy when paying for home health care services. Private insurance includes the hospice and personal care. Managed care insurance plans assure that the provider is Medicare-certified in addition to the above helps.

The patient or some such as a family member pays the payment for the home health care insurance. Many of the long term care insurance policies who cover in-home-services have different plans of being paid. The actual cost of the home health care depends on the condition the patient resides in.

Hence long term health care insurance is really very important to provide the patients with necessary assistance which helps them in what they want and need.


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